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This is such a wonderful idea to be able to pass along to others! What would you put on it?

Since I was so enthralled with this idea – I though I would do a little research and this is what I found!

1. This one is my favorite – a Rabbits and Owl Giving Plate!

Rabbits and Owl Giving Plate

2. With a beautiful pattern is the Natural Life Artisan Giving Plate

Natural Life Artisan Giving Plate

3. I found who makes ones similar to the beautiful one I shared on Facebook here:

JennysGems1621 Giving Plate

4. Since I just love any thing that has owls on it – this Pass Along Plate made the list!

Natural Life Owl Pass Along Plate

5. For those of you artistically inclined – why not pick up a Ceramic Marker Set and DIY!

Ceramic Marker Set