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From March 10 - 17, 2014, we will be hiding Lucky 4 Leaf Clovers on our blog pages ( & The number of winning Lucky Clovers we will hide and when we will hide them varies from day-to-day – be sure to like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, follow us on Pinterest, and read our newsletter to stay in the know. Just because you don’t find a winning Lucky Clover with a Pot Of Gold in the morning, doesn’t mean you won’t find one later on that same day. The name of the game is patience.

WheWhen you find A LUCKY CLOVER it will look like this:
not this

or this

There will be Lucky 4 Leaf Clovers all over our site on every page. Look around on any page for a it and when you find it give it a click. This will display the message inside & let you know if you have won or not. If you find a Pot Of Gold - you have won! Luck plays a huge part in who will find a winning Clover with a Pot Of Gold inside. Hunting smart won’t hurt though. Each page on & has different odds of winning so don’t just keep refreshing the same page over and over! * You must open Lucky Clovers on the blog for the Country you reside in. Canadian wins on the US site will not be honored. US wins on the Canadian site will not be honored either.

Open the Lucky 4 Leaf Clovers on the newer blog posts for your best odds in winning (the first 40 pages have the best odds). We’ve made it convenient for you - open the Lucky 4 Leaf Clovers on any browser and even on our mobile site.

The Lucky 4 Leaf Clovers should appear almost immediately, simply scroll and find it. They can be anywhere on the page so have a look around! This will give you some time to read through our posts and take advantage of the great coupons, freebies, giveaways and deals. A lot of people have reported winning the contests they entered while hunting during our annual Hunts so make sure to get in if you’d like to win.

If you find a winning Pot Of Gold claim your prize by clicking on the Pot Of Gold message and filling out the form. Don’t stop there - you can win once per household per day.

To claim your prize, click on the egg and fill out the form. Don’t stop there - you can win once per household per day.

We will be hiding over 2,000 gift cards
Along with these prizes:

KitchenAid Green Apple Mixer

KitchenAid Bayleaf Mixer

KitchenAid Green Apple Hand Mixer

Three Leaf Clover Pendant Necklace

Jade Hunter Rain Boots

Green BELLA Dots Slow Cooker

Green Keurig K10 Mini

Green Rachael Ray Cookware Set

Bath & Body Works Kitchen Lemon Gift Set

Bath & Body Works White Citrus Gift Set

Green Ematic 7" Tablet

iPad Mini