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They say that dogs and babies can be very close. This new dad caught a super cute moment on video. 🙂 The dog seems to be thinking “okay bigger humans, I approve of this very tiny human!”

“My wife and I were worried about how the dog would react to a baby, so we kept them apart for a few months. This is when they get introduced to each other.” Scott Moore

While the meeting of 2 future BFF’s is adorable – there are some steps you can take to ensure that things go well before the meeting. Click the image below for tips from Cesar Millan on how to introduce your dog to your baby!

I also love this video that shows us a puppy that approves her human Mom’s pregnancy. ❤

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One last one that’s just so cute – This adorable puppy could hardly keep her eyes open while watching the baby sleeping in front of her!

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