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Jason Griffiths was in Kings Point, Green Bay, Newfoundland, when he suddenly spotted a glacier starting to roll over. He quickly grabbed his cell phone and leaned over the balcony of the building he was in to film the action.

In the video, the iceberg is seen rising up slowly — as if it’s about to flip over. Instead, it quickly starts to break up after a cracking sound is heard.

“Hey all, i shot the video, i was leaning on the rail around our front balcony. Surrounded by family. The iceberg was about 100ft from the front of our house. And my “off the beach” comment was directed towards my wife who was on the shore with our two dogs and being from ontario canada has never seen an iceberg before, so she didn’t know what to expect. Glad you all enjoyed the vid. Came out pretty good for being shot with a samsung smartphone.” Jason Griffiths