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What you’ll need for a double Infinity Scarf (the one in the video):

  • Two hands 😉
  • 4 skeins of super bulky yarn (each skein should be around 40 m/130 ft/44 yd long and weigh approx. 100 g/0.25 lbs)

Step 1
Measure 4 equal parts of yarn (approx. 3m/10 feet in length).

Step 2
Make a loop and slide it on your wrist, and cast about 12 stitches onto your right arm.

Step 3
It’s time for the second row. Holding the working yard in your right hand slide the first stitch off your arm, and put that loop on your other arm.

Step 4
Repeat step 3 with the rest of the stitches, and again, and again, until you get the length of scarf you prefer.

Step 5
To end the scarf you simply need to cast off. Slide the first and second stitches onto your other arm, slip the first stitch over the second one, pull, and repeat until all your stitches are closed. Once you’ve finished casting off, reeve the yarn through the last loop and pull to make a tight knot. Leave at least 70 cm/25 in at the end.

Step 6
To make it an infinity scarf, lay it right side up and fold it to connect both ends. Take the longer end of yarn and weave it between stitches on both sides. Finish up by making knots and cutting off the extra ends.


Source: Handimania


You can use any kind of yarn to make your scarf, thick, thin, any color, the possibilities are endless!