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This Christmas 2014 McVities “sweeet” TV ad for the Victoria biscuit selection features a choir of cute furry animals (plus a tiny narwhal) singing a festive version of Only You by Yazoo!

The 60-second ad shows a family’s understandable surprise when Dad opens a box of McVitie’s biscuits and a bunch of adorable animals crawl out of the pack. The interlopers include an Alaskan Malamute puppy, a micro piglet, a Persian kitten, a baby rabbit, a duckling, a ginger kitten, a Pug puppy, a baby hedgehog, a baby reindeer and a tiny narwhal hiding in the punch bowl.
Turns out they’re talented animals, too, as they join together to sing a Christmassy rendition of the ’80s hit “Only You” by Yaz (or Yazoo, as they were known in the U.K.).