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I wasn’t sure if this was an octopus hatching from an egg or a zombie invasion starting! You won’t be able to look away from this weird timelapse of the ‘alien’ looking Devils Fingers or Octopus Fungus emerging from its ‘egg’! Clathrus archeri, also known as Devil’s Fingers or octopus stinkhorn, is native to Australia and New Zealand, although it’s now found throughout Europe and North America. The first sighting in Europe was in 1914, where it is thought spores of the fungus were brought over in military supplies for the First World War.

Despite its unappetizing appearance, you can actually eat Devil’s Fingers. But don’t grab your cutting board just yet, it apparently has a smell very similar to rotting flesh. It uses the gross odor to attract flies, which fly off and unwittingly disperse their spores! GROSS!