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Whoa, that’s one serious dog.


1 onion finely chopped
Lean ground beef 1 Pound
Chopped garlic
Oil 1 Tablespoon
Chili powder 2 Tablespoon
Cumin powder 1 Tablespoon
Water 1 Cup (16 tbs)
Canned tomato paste 6 Ounce (1 Can)
Salt 1⁄2 Teaspoon
Prepared yellow mustard 1 Tablespoon
Worcestershire sauce 1 Tablespoon
Brown sugar 2 Teaspoon

You’ll also need:

Frankfurter sausages 6
Hot dog buns 6
Mustard sauce 6 Tablespoon
Chopped onion 3⁄4 Cup


1. Heat oil in a pan and stir in ground beef. Add half of the chopped onions, chopped garlic and let it cook.
2. When the meat changes color and starts to release water, add chili powder and cumin powder. Mix and cook for 3 more minutes.
3. Pour in water and tomato paste, blend it well. Season with salt.
4.Thereafter mix in prepared yellow mustard, worcestershire sauce and brown sugar. Let it simmer for 5 minutes or until of desired thickness. Keep the chili aside.
For buns and frankfurters
5. Steam the frankfurters for 4 minutes. In the same steamer, place the hot dog buns and steam for a couple of minutes.