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Here’s a quote from the original video up loader Lorna Witcher: “I worked pediatrics from 1973 until 1991. What this video shows is newborns close to each other to help them feel warm and safe. They are getting their daily weight done, a head to toe assessment done, then bathed with umbilical care and circumcision care for the baby boys as needed (up to parents as to whether they wanted the procedure done or not). After bath they are redressed, clean blanket placed, placed in bassinet with clean crib sheet and soft pad that was applied while the other nurse was getting baby ready to go back to their Moms. They aren’t hungry babies. Babies are very good at letting parents know when they are ready to eat. The rooting and sucking is a normal reflex for babies from birth to around six weeks of age. Baby A just happened to discover baby B’s nice soft warm cheek. Baby A would have responded the same way if it had found a warm, soft arm (male or female), a finger, a pacifier, bottle nipple or Mom’s breast. This was a very cute video, it didn’t show any baby that was hungry or starving! Please everyone just accept it for what it is!”