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The story of Minions begins at the dawn of time. Starting as single-celled yellow organisms, the Minions have evolved through the ages, perpetually serving the most despicable masters of the time. Now it’s 1960s New York, and the Minions have found their biggest baddest boss of all time, Scarlet Overkill.

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Here you go, in case you need to brush up on your Mionionese, some phrases!

Hello ——————————– Bello
Goodbye ——————— Poopaye
Thank You ——————- Tank Yu
I’m Hungry —— Me Want Banana
Ugly ———————– Bananonina
I Swear ——————– Underwear
Fire!!! ———— BEE DO BEE DO
We Love You —– Tulaliloo ti amo
I Hate You ———– Tatata bala tu
Toy ——————————– Papoy
What —————————— Po ka
Apple —————————- Papple
Ice Cream ———————- Gelato
For you ————————- Para tu
Chair —————————- Chassy
Butt ———————————- Butt
One ——————————— Hana
Two ———————————– Dul
Three ——————————– Sae


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Posted by Minions on Tuesday, July 7, 2015