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Toby is a special circumstance, as one of his owners is an animal handler/trainer professionally and the other has a medical condition which limits her ability to leave the home (hence the ability to spend around 12 hours per day with Toby). Toby will be trained for animal assisted therapy and hopefully bring a lot of joy to people in need. He is not a true “pet” but a soon-to-be therapy animal. He is just far too young for training and certification. As for him maturing, he already bites and yes it hurts. He is aggressive with food and steals things. He tries to rip out piercings, poops everywhere, and any irritating and potentially painful thing you can imagine. That is just part of caring for a monkey (and human children too lol). If anyone is not prepared for that or disowns a primate because of it, they should never have adopted or rescued one in the first place. I am completely in agreement with you on that regard. Yes there are a lot of terrible primate (and any kind of pet) owners & the animal trade can be a hideous and heartbreaking industry, but it is possible to raise happy and healthy animals in captivity and change many lives for the better with their help 🙂 Thank you for your concern and please feel free to let anyone you see carelessly commenting that they want a monkey know about the reality of owning one. Awareness is key! We will do our best to spread it.

If you want to see more of little Toby, you should check out his Instagram. There, you’ll find more of his small shenanigans and adorable nap times!

Here’s a few more adorable monkey videos for your viewing pleasure!

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