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This adorable canine whimpered as its owners attempted to pull the lobster away and add it to the pot. What a lucky family to have such a compassionate pup!

Here what the owner Sukamehdeek has to say:
“My wonderful German Shepherd, Sami, has always had a motherly side to her even though she has never had puppies of her own. I’ve seen it with babies, kittens, even my pet snake. However we were very surprised to see her act protective over one of the lobsters we had planned to eat for a lobster dinner. She would show her teeth to my brothers dog and hide the lobster under her head and even put her legs around it so we couldn’t take it away from her!”


The adorable clip has more than half a million views since it was uploaded to YouTube.

The little lobster should consider himself lucky not all German Shepherds have such a discerning palette!